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Since Team Lipstick first began in 2008 as an all female triathlon team in New York City, the women have defined what we're all about.  It was the piece of the puzzle I didn't anticipate, plan, or even consider.  The women who joined our inaugural team in the Summer of 2008 ultimately set this tone within one week of being together, and it was perfect.  When you join our team or a travel event, the other women in your group will strive to lift you up.  There are no judgements, ever.


The "all for one and one for all" mantra is at the core of everything Team Lipstick promotes.  THAT was actually something I did plan.  We experience fitness, travel, adventure, new challenges, and the happiest healthiest quality of life imaginable ... as an all inclusive team.  nconditionally supported by other women, regardless of ability, shape, size, class, religion, or race.    I always knew we wouldn't tolerate clicks within our team, and I also knew I wanted every session to be FUN.  What I got was so much more ... a safe space for women to do organically bond with one another .


Experience travel from the extraordinary perspective of activity and adventure, then return home with exceptional memories, a clear mind, a strong body, plus and all new set of sporty and FUN girlfriends.




February 8 --> 15, 2020

Explore the wonders of Iceland, where Mother Nature reigns supreme.  Wild and raw are fiercely preserved where civilization ceases to exist ... glaciers, ice caves, blue lagoon, nothern lights.

ALL FEMALE:  Run, Hike, Strength

Break Dance Crew_edited.jpg

Mallorca, Spain

June 20 --> 27, 2020

Team Lipstick's Summer Fling in Spain focuses on living your absolute best quality of life, while indulging in dance and bootcamp classes, with authentic mind/body experiences in nature.

ALL FEMALE:  Strength + Dance

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Mallorca, Spain

March 1 --> 8, 2020

Join Team Lipstick Travel for their 10th anniversary of hosting cycling events in Mallorca.  There is even a special BEGINNER program in 2020.  Multiple mileage/pace options daily.

ALL FEMALE:  Cyclists, All Levels


Mallorca, Spain

October 18 --> 25, 2020

FALL in love with Mallorca!  This event focuses on living your absolute best quality of life, while indulging in dance and bootcamp classes, with authentic mind/body experiences in nature.

ALL FEMALE:  Strength + Dance


Mallorca, Spain

March 15 --> 21, 2020

The GO BIG Retreat is exclusive to female entrepreneurs.  Spend a week with NYC based scaling coach Julia Pimsleur,  while also indulging in fit and fun Mallorca experiences.


ALL FEMALE:  Entrepreneurs 



November 5 --> 15, 2020

This wellness retreat is beyond stellar!  Designed by Deep Health Evolution and Team Lipstick Travel, from Marrakech to Mountains to Desert, experiences and adventures await.

ALL FEMALE: Strength + Wellness