Co-Ed 2018

Boys Are Welcome!

Travel with Lipstick welcomes FUN BOYS to all of the events below.

As always, our events are ALL LEVELS.  We have numerous guides and daily options to choose from.  Every session is meticulously curated to ensure that everyone is happy.

Mallorca, Spain - Cycling

CO-ED:  April 7 thru 14, 2018

Empire Tri Club in NYC will host this phenomenal cycling event.  5 epic days of cycling sprinkled with swim, run, strength, and stretch.

Sardinia, Italy - Races plus Training

CO-ED:  April 26 thru May 5, 2018

Tailwind Endurance hosts this remarkably sporty event!  Sprint or 70.3 ... 5k, 10k or Half ... 1 swim intensive with Earl ... 4 epic cycling days.

Mallorca, Spain - Swimming

CO-ED:  May 26 thru June 3, 2018

Travel with Lipstick hosts this unforgettable swim event, with professional level training and 4 open water swim races 1.5k thru 5k.

Mallorca, Spain - Deep Health Evolution

CO-ED:  September 22 thru 29, 2018

Gregg and Fatima Cook host this all around wellness retreat that will give you the tools to live an exceptionally high quality of life.

Mallorca Cycling - Invitation Only

CO-ED:  October 20 thru 27, 2018

This event is for experienced road cyclists, and it is invitation only.  

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