CO-ED in 2020

Sometimes we welcome the boys!!

Travel with Lipstick welcomes FUN GENTLEMEN to all of the events below.

As always, our events are ALL LEVELS.  We have numerous guides and daily options to choose from.  Every session is meticulously curated to ensure that everyone is happy.


Mallorca, Spain

April 25 --> May 2, 2020

This is our annual co-ed cycling event.  All levels are welcome, as we even have a full blown BEGINNER program for absolute newbies, which is actually Team Lipstick's specialty.

CO-ED:  Cyclists, All Levels


Mallorca, Spain

October 10 --> 17, 2020

This is our 6th annual trail running and hiking adventure.  In 2020, we are partnering with Mile High Run Club.  The Palma 10k, half or full marathon, followed by a week of fun adventures.

CO-ED:  Run, Hike, Strength


Umbria, Italy

May 17 --> 23, 2020

LindaFit Pilates will host this beautiful event in Umbria with a focus on fitness, wellness, and developing daily habits to appreciate and live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. 

CO-ED:  Pilates and Wellness


Mallorca, Spain


This adrenaline rush is for absolute beginners as well as experienced dare devils ... all levels work together.  If you are a nature lover, this exotic experience is a perfect disconnect.

ALL:  Adventures in Nature


Formentera, Spain

May 23 --> 31, 2020

Join Mile High Run Club and Team Lipstick Travel for a celebration of running, hiking, racing ... fitness, friendship, fun ... on the Bohemian Chic island of Formentera!!  

CO-ED:  Run, Hike, Race

Stay Tuned

More Events in 2020

Team Lipstick Travel is still planning events and working with partners to create unforgettable events in 2020.  Check back or email Laura for the latest info -