Laura Cozik

Founder and CEO, Team Lipstick / Founder and CEO, Team Lipstick Travel

Laura is the Founder and CEO of Team Lipstick Travel, a company that hosts "Fitness Infused" events for sporty women of all levels.  Since the company began in 2010, Team Lipstick Travel has hosted events in Mallorca, Girona, the Italian Dolomites, Iceland, South Africa, St Lucia, Jamaica, Paris, Tulum, Miami, and New Paltz.  In January 2018, Laura became a local resident of Mallorca and full time host of sporty events for active clients ... especially those from NYC.  


Laura's background includes 20 years of dancing, 20 years as a fitness instructor, 10 years as a nationally ranked ballroom dance champion, and since 2006, she has also been an active triathlete.  Laura was published in New York Magazine's "Best of New York" as one of the city's top fitness instructors, as well as in Competitor and Triathlete Magazine for her accomplishments with Team Lipstick and Team Lipstick Travel.  Her celebrity client list includes Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Soledad O’Brien. 

Olive Aguas

Owner, Solstice Blends / Chef, Team Lipstick Travel



Olive began her journey to health while working in the confines of the cold, corporate world. Day after day she found herself gazing out of her corner cubicle window into the sunshine, counting down the minutes until her next break when she could go outside and soak up the warmth. The high-powered job, the good salary, the fast-pace, she realized she had a life many would envy and yet, something was missing. She was tired of living for her coffee breaks. Especially because...she didn’t even drink coffee. Olive decided to take the plunge, leave the corporate world and chase the sun! Designed with real people in mind, Olive created a line of products that provides the perfect combination of warmth, health and energy needed to get you through the day. Solstice Blends uses natural ingredients to give you the same boost as coffee, while supremely nourishing your body.  Olive will be our chef, as well as a participant in the event.