Itinerary - Formentera, Spain

May or June, 2019

DAY ONE - Saturday

Arrivals in Ibiza, 10 minute transport to the ferry, 30 minute ferry to Formentera, and 10 minute transport to Hotel Blanco.  Before you know it you'll be in your swimsuit, washing all the travel bugs off!  Lunch will be served at the hotel, followed by some downtime.  The shake out training session is a 1 hour walk or run on the beach, followed by 30 minutes of mind/body restore.  Dinner is a short walk from the hotel.


The day always begins with coffee and juice shots.  The caffeine is important, but lemon, orange, grapefruit, cayenne, and ginger shots will energize you as well.  Movement begins with a 30 minute Rise and Shine session, followed by 45 minutes of strength, and 30 minutes of run intervals (all paces).  Breakfast is next, followed by a walk to the bike shop to get our bicycles for the week.  Our acclimation ride is slow and easy.  We'll visit the famous Llevant and Ses Illetas beaches with a packed lunch, water bottle, towel, and perhaps a book in our backpacks.  In the evening, we have 30 minutes of Mind/Body Restore, a casual dinner, and a walk through the late night market. 

DAY THREE - Monday

Coffee and juice shots await!  This is followed by our Rise and Shine session, which is different every day, but with the same purpose in mind ... to gently wake and prepare for the day.  Strength training and run intervals follow.  If you are not a runner, don't worry we got you!  Breakfast is then followed by our second bike tour, and a very special, lively lunch at Chezz Gerdi.  In the evening we have a 30 minute mind/body restore, then dinner. 

DAY FOUR - Tuesday

Coffee and juice shots today are followed by a morning run, team games, and a swim session.  If you don't know how to swim, we'll teach you!  Breakfast is then followed by a thorough tour of the island, where we hike and explore, followed by a bit of swim training.  If you don't know how, we'll teach you!  The fun part is that we get to tour the island in a sweet Mehari.  This retro vehicle is par for the course in Formentera.  We'll need some volunteer drivers ;)

DAY FIVE - Wednesday

Coffee and juice shots, rise and shine, strength training, run intervals, and breakfast.  The routine should be setting in.  Today is another bike tour, with lunch and the sweet and sexy Beso Beach Club.  Think DJ, dancing, food and drinks, swimming and beach.  Since the day is quite a celebration, the night will be tranquil.  Mind/body restore, followed by dinner.

DAY SIX - Thursday

Coffee and juice shots, rise and shine, strength training, run intervals, breakfast.  Today we have a special stand up paddle tour where we practice balance and upper body strength, while exploring the island like pirates.  Our final mind/body restore session is tonight, followed by dinner.

DAY SEVEN - Friday

Coffee and juice shots, a morning run, team games, and of course a delicious breakfast.  Today is our free day.  Chill out by the pool, on the beach, or ask us to arrange something fun.  Lunch and dinner are solo today.  We have an early departure from the hotel for our final night of celebrations at the Flower Power Festival.  Prior to departure, we'll spend some time prepping for the party.  You wear your best boho chic outfit, and we'll supply the flowers, headbands, peace signs, 60's sunglasses, face paint, and other fun accessories.  Departure is at 6:00pm. 

DAY EIGHT - Saturday

Departures are today.  You'll leave with amazing memories, an all new set of girlfriends, and an entirely detoxed mind and body.

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