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LeveledUP Experiences

Message From Laura


To all of our clients and friends, we hope that you are staying safe and healthy in this crazy world we're living in.  We have cancelled several Spring and Summer events, and at present I am locked down in Mallorca, Spain.  My home in New York City is suffering so much, I can only hope that there are better times on the not too distant horizon.  Please stay safe and reach out if there is anything we can do for you.

Live Classes In June

LeveledUP Experiences is hosting complimentary training during the month of June for high powered women who want to strengthen their body and badass their brain.  Classes are live on our FB page.

Monday / Wednesday / Friday  -->  7:30-8:00am (New York City)


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2020 Events

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Mallorca, Spain

October 10 --> 17

This is our 6th annual trail running and hiking adventure, including the Palma 10k, half or full marathon (if indeed the race is not cancelled).  This event is full of LeveledUP Experiences.



Mallorca, Spain

October 18 --> 25

LeveledUP Experiences is designed for fiery and brilliant women who love fitness, adventure, travel, nature, and connection to supportive women on a similar journey.  Expect surprises!




November 5 --> 15

This exotic retreat is beyond stellar!  Designed to give you countless keys to unlock the life you truly want to lead, from Marrakech to the Mountains to the Desert ... adventures await.


Anytime Events in Mallorca, Spain

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Cycling Girl

Cycling Events

Road Bike, E-Bike, Fun Bike

Team Lipstick Travel has been hosting cycling events in Mallorca since 2011.  We set up your hotel, villa, bikes, guides, support, meals and more.  We have programs for all abilities and levels, including Team Lipstick's signature beginner program.


Adventure Events

Hiking, Canyoning, Climbing

This adrenaline rush is for absolute beginners as well as experienced dare devils.  Team Lipstick Travel will present several options to choose from.  Disappear into nature, try new things, build confidence.  This exotic experience is life changing.

Fitness Class

Group Fitness Events

Bootcamp, Dance, Yoga

This is Team Lipstick Travel's signature event for women.  We set up your hotel, villa, itinerary, instructors, etc.  Days are filled with strength training, stretching, running, hiking, yoga, dance classes, meals and more, with adventure and exploration in nature.  

Yoga Practice

Yoga + Wellness Events

Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition

When you are in need of restorative practices, healing elements, stretchy, bendy, mindful sessions, Team Lipstick Travel is here to curate your perfect experience.  Every detail is considered as we give you the skills to live your BEST LIFE EVER.

Ready to Run

Running + Hiking Events

Walk, Run, Race, Hike

Team Lipstick Travel specializes in all levels, from beginner thru advanced.  We set up your hotel, villa, routes, guides, coaches, meals and more.  See Mallorca on foot from coastal trails to mountains, from tiny villages to city scenes, from farmlands to beaches.  


Custom Events

How Can We Delight You?

Team Lipstick Travel creates exceptional, fitness infused events, for friends, family, teams, corporations, bridal and birthday parties, with stellar experiences that surprise and delight and exceed expectations.  We host any size event from 1+ guests.

 Where do you want to go?