Itinerary - Mallorca, Spain

June 29 thru July 6 - Kids Program


The kids program focuses on the element of mindfulness.  We do this by offering the experience of clear and powerful movement, with gratitude and goal oriented practices, in a fun and creative way.  Our goal is to provide them with the tools to focus and to combat stress ... tools they can use in their everyday lives.


At the beginning of the week, the kids get to choose an artistic focus ... art, film, writing, dance, music.  Everyday they collectively work on this project.  The end of the week culminates in a short presentation of their project to the adults.  


During the week the kids will engage in Morning Movement ... think yoga, dance, duck duck goose.  They will also practice Gratitude and Appreciation through song, written words, or spoken words.  Evening Movement is a game of tag, freeze dance, or musical chairs.  Perhaps the adults will join in!  Each day then ends with pre-bedtime reading and/or writing ... solo time to work on their journals.