Coaches and Guides

Earl Walton

Owner and Head Coach, Tailwind Endurance

With over 20 years of coaching experience at all levels of triathlon and swimming, Earl has an ability to see all sides of a training challenge and address it appropriately for the individual.  The challenges of raising two small boys in the city has caused him to be quite certain that absolutely anything is possible, so leave your previous expectations as the door – new ones will soon be assigned.  During the last few years, Earl has focused entirely on building Tailwind Endurance into a true home for the endurance athletes of the New York City.

Tailwind Endurance in NYC plans to host an 18 week training program leading up to this sporty event in Mallorca, Spain.  They will have you ready to rock the 70.3 and the half marathon.  For further information...

Laura Cozik

Founder and CEO, Travel with Lipstick / Founder and CEO, Team Lipstick

Laura is the Founder and CEO of Travel with Lipstick, a company that hosts "Fit Travel" events for sporty women and men of all levels.  Since the company began in 2010, Travel with Lipstick has hosted 15 events in Mallorca for a very good reason ... the clients keep coming back!  In January 2018, Laura will become a local resident of Mallorca and full time host of events for sporty people, especially those from NYC.  


Laura's background includes 20 years of dancing, 20 years as a fitness instructor, 10 years as a nationally ranked ballroom dance champion, and since 2006, she has also been an active triathlete.  Laura was published in New York Magazine's "Best of New York" as one of the city's top fitness instructors, as well as in Competitor and Triathlete Magazine for her accomplishments with Team Lipstick.  Her celebrity client list includes Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Soledad O’Brien.