Itinerary - Mallorca, Spain

Anytime 2020

This wild ride of challenges and experiences is absolutely unforgettable.  For each and every day, there is always the option to go on a simple hike.  When you are ready to test your skills, an adventure awaits.

DAY #1

Arrival to Villa Establiments

Guests arrive, check-in, relax.  There is one session to shake out the jetlag, then welcome cocktails and dinner.  Tomorrow we head into nature for a hiking adventure.

DAY #2

Hike to a Castle

The day starts with a blissful stretch session and some upper body work.  After breakfast we head to the scenic village of Alaro.  A 2-hour roundtrip hike takes you to the top of a mountain where the views are spectacular.  Lunch is on the mountain at the famous Es Verger restaurant.  After returning home for a break, we head into the city of Palma to enjoy a delicious tapas dinner.  

DAY #3

Canyoning Adventure

The day begins with a stretch and some core work.  After breakfast, we head into the canyons of Mallorca, where we hike to the start, then climb, jump and rappel down through the canyon.  As with all of our adventures, there are always options and you do not have to jump.  The level starts at absolute beginner.  Lunch is from our backpacks, dinner is a delicious BBQ at Villa Establiments.   

DAY #4

Coasteering Adventure

The day begins with a stretch session that includes deep foot release, followed by breakfast.  You cannot visit Mallorca without seeing the most precious village of Deia.  The coastal hike we have planned today is beyond picturesque.  We also get to see the famous cemetery, church, and historic museum.  Lunch is from our backpacks.  Dinner is in Palma City.

DAY #5

Sail the Seas

Explore the stunning, rocky coast of Mallorca via catamaran.  Swim, snorkel, explore, and enjoy lunch on the boat.  Dinner is out and about.


DAY #6

Abseiling Adventure


DAY #7

Climbing Adventure


DAY #8


Today we head home forever changed by our connections to one another, and our experiences together.  Until next time...