Itinerary - Girona, Spain

April 25 thru May 2, 2020

Scroll down to see a detailed description of the day to day itinerary. 

Your perfect ride awaits with 2-3 routes and 3-4 guides daily. 

Day #1

Arrival to Barcelona Airport - El Prat.  Approximately 90 minute drive to Mas Pelegri.  Check in, relax, bike fitting, and shake out fitness session to reduce jetlag.  Dinner is served at Mas Pelegri, where we introduce our guests and chat about the week to come. 


Day #2

The day starts with a restorative stretch, and a short trail run/hike.  After breakfast, we have a beautiful ride around Banyoles Lake.  Option to bring your swimsuit.  Option to ascend the famous Rocacorba climb.  Lunch is on the go.  We return home for a shower, then dinner is surprise and delight.


Banyoles Lake

Serinya, Banyoles, Rocacorba

32 miles / 3,500 ft elev

51 km / 1,066 meters elev

A gentle acclimation ride to Banyoles Lake where we can swim, relax, or perhaps continue on to climb Rocacorba.



Rocacorba Climb

8.5 miles / 2,890 ft elev / 6.5% avg

13.8 km / 881 meters elev


This is where the pros come to test their skills.  The steepest section is 15%.  From the top you are rewarded with a view of the Pyrenees. 

Day #3

The day starts with a restorative stretch, followed by a short session of swim drills in the pool.  After breakfast we head to Cadaques, where many famous painters such as Salvador Dali spent time here.  We will have a SAG today for those who prefer to ride out and be driven back.  Lunch is on the go.  Dinner is served at Mas Pelegri.  



Cadaques - one way

50 miles / 4,180 ft elev

80 km / 1,274 meters elev


The route takes us through many beautiful villages, before finally arriving to the breathtaking, undulating climb and decent into the coastal town of Cadeques.  

Day #4

Today we have a restorative stretch session before finally heading into the Pyrenees.  Our destination is a town called Beget, which is home to just over 20 people ... absolutely precious.  A SAG vehicle will be with us today for those who prefer to ride out and be driven back.  Lunch is on the go.  Dinner is served at Mas Pelegri.



Volcanos, Camprodon, Beget

83 miles / 7,797 ft elev

133 km / 2,376 meters elev


Today we head to the Pyrenees, where a town called Beget is home to just over 20 people.


Day #5

There is a stretch session and a short trail run/hike before breakfast.  After breakfast, we drive approximately 1 hour to the coastal village of Roses where our Catamaran is waiting to take us on a tour of The Costa Brava.  Lunch will be served on the boat.  Dinner will be in Roses.  There is an option to bike 60km to the village of Roses.


Day #6

Today we head into the Pyrenees, with a stop in Besalu to see the famous bridge.  This is a SAG day.  Lunch will be on the go.  Dinner will be served at Mas Pelegri.



Several options will be offered, from slower to faster pacing, and from more to less mileage.  Since this is a SAG day, it is optional to ride out and SAG back.


Day #7

Today we ride into Girona to finally witness this beautiful city.  Option to take a break at the cycling shop that rented us the bikes, and do a little walking tour.  Lunch is on the go.  Dinner is at Mas Pelegri.


Girona City

Girona City, Bonmati

70 miles / 4,950 ft elev

112 km / 1,500 meters elev

Today we visit the gorgeous city of Girona.  Witness medieval architecture, the walled Old Quarter, remains of a roman fortress, and the River Onyar.  

Els Angels

Els Angels

6.8 miles / 1,360 ft elev / 3.8% avg 

11 km / 415 meters elev

This popular climb can be tagged on to our day in Girona.  At the top there is Els Angels chapel. 

Day #8