Itinerary - Mallorca, Spain

MARCH 2 thru 9, 2019

Scroll down to see our cycling routes.  All rides can be made shorter, longer, faster, slower, with three or more guides per day.  Your perfect ride awaits!  Click PDF to download the entire weekly schedule.

Cycling Routes


Son Roca, Military, Calvia, Galilea

28 miles / 45 km / 3,000 ft elev


This is our acclimation ride with 2 scenic climbs, avg grade 4%.  Option to do 35 miles with 4,200 ft elev as well, which has a 3rd climb, avg grade 6%.  It will be easy to structure your week based on how you feel today.   


The Coast Road

44 miles / 70 km / 6,000 ft elev


This is an epic, long, beautiful day of cycling with quite a lot of climbing, avg grade 2-6%.  Option to do out and back with 34 miles, 4,700 ft elev.  


Mountain Stage - Sa Calobra

45 miles / 72 km / 7,000 ft elev


Boat ride to Sa Calobra, the famous 10k mountain, avg grade 7%.  Option to drive or bike to the boat.  Bike is and additional 28 miles with 3,000 ft elev and a bit of 8-10% grade climbing.  Click both courses to see long route.



Cap Formentor Lighthouse

55 miles / 88 km / 7,000 ft elev


This is another famous ride in Mallorca that is extremely picturesque.  We will have SAG support today.  Option to do 32 miles with 4,400 feet elev. 


Riders Choice Today


We will offer several rides to choose from today, or you may opt for one of our non-cycling activities such as hiking, beach, sightseeing, wine tasting, read, relax, massage, and more. 


20% Grade Climb - Sobremunt

16 miles / 25 km / TOUGH

The climb is 7km with some 20% grade sections and long ramps in excess of 15%.  The road surface deteriorates in the last 2km, adding to the struggle.  It's very close to our mansion ... a quick, kick a** challenge if you want it!