Itinerary - Julia Pimsleur

Mallorca, Spain - March 22 thru 28, 2020

Below is your magnificent plan for GOING BIG while having an adventure in Spain.

All details are subject to change in order to enhance the client experience.

Day #1

Welcome to Mallorca! 

Upon arrival to the airport, guests have a 15 minute taxi ride to Mansion Dux, where we settle in and relax before our first 30 minute movement session takes place to minimize jetlag.  Next up is our cocktail meet and greet and an authentic tapas dinner prepared by our private, in house chef.  Top it all off with a fantastic night's sleep. 

Day #2

The City of Palma de Mallorca

The day starts with a sensory stretch and some foot bliss.  After breakfast we have our first workshop with Julia, followed by a breakout session and a light lunch.  A 10 minute taxi ride takes us to the heart of Palma, where guests are free to visit the cathedral, walk the ancient streets of the old town, or do some shopping, until we all meet for a special dinner in town. 

Day #3

Precious Coastal Hike

The day begins with a cardio and strength session.  After breakfast we have our peer presentations.  The afternoon is spent in nature, hiking the most spectacular coastal trail on the island.  Lunch is from our backpacks as we chat about Guiding Principles for Fit Female Entrepreneurs.  Back at the mansion, a BBQ dinner is being prepared.


Day #4

Surprise and Delight

The day starts with a Team Building Fitness session.  After breakfast we have our second workshop with Julia, followed by a breakout session and a light lunch.  Massages are offered at the mansion today as we take some time to rejuvenate.  The evening presents an exceptional "Surprise and Delight".


Day #5

Hike to a Castle

Today we sleep in.  After breakfast we have Peer Presentations.  The afternoon is spent on a stunning 2 hour roundtrip hike to Castel d'Alaro.  Lunch will be served at the famous Es Verger Restaurant.  Dinner is with our private chef at Mansion Dux. 

Day #6

Biodynamic Wine Farm

The day starts with a barefoot conditioning session.  After breakfast we have our final session with Julia, followed by a breakout session and a light lunch.  The afternoon is free, we will offer suggestions.  Our special farewell dinner is a wine tasting tour and delicious BBQ at the regions only biodynamic wine and olive oil farm.  We learn what it means to produce biodynamic products.


Day #7


We leave the island today with a sense of accomplishment, an all new set of entrepreneurial skills, and a more enlightened inner being.  The effects from a travel event such as this are long lasting.  We arrive as a tribe yet we depart as family.  All that needs to be determined now is where we go next!  xoxo