Make Yourself Happy :)

February 20, 2018


Make Yourself Happy 


My girlfriend and I recently attended a LOVE YOURSELF meditation session, after which we bought state of the art vibrators and drank jalapeno margheritas.  Haha!!   Did I just say that?  I think I did.  Without making the vibrator buying an entire blog unto itself, because I can, let me just say that every woman needs one.  Walk into THAT store, ask the guy (yeah, it will be a guy) which are his best sellers, pick your favorite.  They are super sleek these days, in fun colors and feminine designs.  You’re welcome ;) 


Ok, let’s try that again…


My girlfriend and I recently attended a LOVE YOURSELF meditation session, after which we talked about how we are the only people who can make ourselves happy.  It’s not up to someone else and that is good news.  It means that you are in total control.  Dorothy had the slippers all along and so do you.  Figure out what makes you happy and bring it into your world.  For me it’s things like being positive, not saying the word hate, empowering women, dancing, cycling, surrounding myself by my TOP 20 (people I love!), training, living in a clean space, the rain, being on time, travel, furry things, badass females, being honest, mother nature, smiling at strangers, sharing openly, being kind, learning new things, sexy guys who are also smart and classy, blah blah blah, you get it. 


To me happiness means that even when I’m sad or disappointed, I’m still a happy person.  It is constant, as opposed to situational.  By the way, if you focus on the little things, the things you can control, you’ll be the happiest.  Like if a sunset or a good cup of coffee makes you genuinely happy, you’re going to be happy every day.  So make that list and bring those things into your world!!  

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