Team Lipstick Travel has hosted more than 40 events since 2010.  We've been to Spain, Italy, France, Iceland, Tulum, St Lucia, South Africa, Miami Beach, and a bunch of weekend getaways from New York City.


30% of our clients have traveled with us more than once, up to a record 10 times.  63% of our clients have traveled to our most popular destination ... Mallorca, Spain.  Many of our Mallorca clients have visited the island with us more than once ... as many as 6 times, as well as twice in the same year.

In addition, Team Lipstick Travel has produced multiple events for Empire Triathlon Club, Mile High Run Club, Deep Health Evolution, I AM WOMAN, as well as private events for family, friends, corporations and clubs.  

Sara Ellison

  1. Girona, Spain

  2. The Italian Dolomites 

  3. Mallorca, Spain

“Some of my greatest friendships and experiences have been a result of Lipstick. The first ever travel event to Girona, Spain, formed so many strong friendships and started a lot of back and forth to Europe for both me and my bicycle.  Fatima, Danielle, Paulette, Allison and Joe all became life long friends from that trip."

Erin Nemeth

  1. St Lucia

"I want to make sure that you know how appreciative I am of you and the St. Lucia trip you spearheaded.  You are a badass coach who is a damn good role model and I mean it when I say I can’t thank you enough for all you brought to me both physically & mentally on this trip.  The “Love Yourself” sessions were something that changed my way of thinking.  You guided us to think about things that we typically shove under the rug (I went through a phase where I did not love myself & treated myself terrible as a result).  The trip has resonated with me so much, especially realizing that I should be immensely happy. I wouldn’t have gotten to that a-ha moment without you.  So thank you for inspiring me in more ways than I can count".

Allison and Joe Brack

  1. Girona

  2. Mallorca, Spain - 6x

  3. The Italian Dolomites

  4. St Lucia

  5. South Africa

"I have been on sporty travel events with Laura 10 times, my husband has been with me for 9 of them, and 6 were in Mallorca.  Traveling with Laura is so amazing because she combines physical challenges with fun. If you want to sit on the beach all day, then do not Travel with Lipstick. If you want to bike, hike, wine taste, have lunch on a private beach, eat delicious food, dance, and meet other fun and sporty people, then you definitely want to Travel with Lipstick."

Cecilia Calderon

  1. St Lucia

  2. Tulum

  3. Mallorca, Spain - 2x

“I asked Laura for details about the trip and she said … what do you want to know?  My reply was … I just want to know how to pay because I trust you. I was right because every trip was amazing. You can't go wrong in a perfect location surrounded by motivated people who love to move and laugh.  When is the next trip?!”

Ivy Louie

  1. St Lucia

“Thank you Laura, for coordinating such an amazing retreat for us!  When I first told my family, boyfriend and friends that I was going on a trip with people that I didn't know, they thought it was a bit weird, but I cannot wait to do it again!  The "Love Yourself" sessions pushed me past my comfort zone but in such an encouraging way. I would never have imagined sharing feelings with strangers, doing 100 push-ups, and swimming in the ocean!  I am so grateful for the experience and the memories.”

Melissa Brady

1. St Lucia

2. Mallorca, Spain

“I had two fantastic travel experiences in Mallorca and St. Lucia.  I really loved the caliber of the workouts, as they were fun, challenging, and innovative ... and all in incredibly beautiful settings.  Laura also created a warm atmosphere for the team to bond.  I can't wait to travel again!  Thanks Laura, it was amazing!!

Didier Perilleux

1. St Lucia

“Laura, I am back home after this fantastic retreat.  Just want to say a simple but powerful thank you for having organized such a wonderful event.  Perfect blend of activities, social mix, fun and hard work. I feel great!  Be proud of what you do because you do it well.  See you again soon.”

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